David's Bridal

Your wedding day is a big day but it isn’t your only day. It’s time to return to the real.

So we’re giving David’s Bridal a store overhaul — including external/internal redesign and messaging.

CW: Evelynne Scholnick

CBM: Mike Razim


Logo Redesign

Re-imagined to be more approachable and contemporary.


Since wedding planning occurs alongside all other activities in a regularly scheduled life,

print will be featured in everyday magazines such as People or US Weekly.

Magazine Inserts

Taking a cue from the print, magazine inserts will mimic traditional wedding invitations but with a modern message.

When opened, the reader will be personally invited to visit the new David's Bridal.

Redesigned website (click to expand + for descriptions)

To make shopping and setting up an appointment, as painless as possible.

Bride handbook

Brides-to-be will be given a handbook to navigate the wilds of wedding planning.

Bride Tote

And finally a handy dandy screen-printed tote, to store the bride handbook and other bride necessities.

The Process...

Is sometimes super unglamorous and unromantic. But learning how to letterpress was fun.